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Assembled in this series are snapshots of certain spaces and elements of nature that overwhelm me; territories that I find are of unusual beauty and inspiration, and that have triggered a sublimated aesthetic experience, which I crystallize through photography, generating "jewel-images": what I have called GeoJoyería (“GeoJewellery” in English, but I think it sounds better in Spanish). This is a term that I invented to describe those physical landscapes whose formal and/or atmospheric characteristics make them possess an extraordinary power at that precise moment, transfiguring into a kind of magical, sacred vision, a mystical instant in which I recognize the perfection of everything created. They are geographic jewels, or jewellery ”of Gea", goddess that embodies the Earth in Greek mythology.

Sometimes these views are more obviously precious or bejewelled, for they are spectacular in themselves; at other times they depend on other factors –such as the framing, its determined composition, the light or the passage of time– to enhance them, in order to reveal that particular place and make it shine like a living jewel.

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