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Water has always exerted a strong fascination in me, both physically and conceptually, in all its versions and contexts. At a precise moment and place, it reveals all kinds of patterns, for it has its own rhythm and life, as well as being highly impressionable and eternally changing.

I can spend countless hours admiring its infinite forms, movements, effects and reflections, hypnotized behind the intimacy of my camera lens, embedded in a permanent search to try to capture and decode, know and communicate something of its unfathomable essence... One of the wonders of photography is that it allows the capture fugitive instants –which would, otherwise, remain only impregnated in the spectator's retina, to then fall progressively into oblivion–, making possible the visual rescue of this fleeting nature of the ephemeral things, fixing them "forever" in a revealing image. It allows us the illusion of "possessing", or at least admire, in detail and sustainedly, a little piece of mystery. 

"You cannot step into the same river twice"


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